AIESECpreneur Forum of theSPACE ngo

1st AIESECpreneur Forum – 10th October

We are inviting all AIESEC Alumni to join us this Sunday at 4pm GMT+1 over zoom for a forum where we discuss all things AIESEC Alumni and entrepreneurship.
Registration available here:

AIESECpreneur forum agenda of theSPACE NGO
Our planned agenda for this Sunday’s event

Introducing our Line Up for this Sunday’s big networking event.

First up one of our theSPACE Experts, Goran, an AIESEC Alumni from Croatia who is a personal mentor to Augustino Agbemavo from one of our incubated businesses called

Goran Bobanovic

Goran Bobanovic will be sharing his story of raising a successful multinational wholesale/distribution company in EU.

“I am head of GTV Croatia, branch of GTV Poland, responsible for 14 countries. I moved to Croatia when my son was born, and I built up from ground GTV Croatia that now has 17 employees and over 15 million euro turnaround”

GTV is a furniture accessories distribution company. Website:

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