1st AIESECpreneur Forum – 10th October

First AIESECpreneur Forum of theSPACE NGO is on 10th October 2021. Introducing our lineup. First is Goran Bobanovic

Our New Incubation Model

In this article we reveal our new incubation model draft at theSPACE NGO.

Fundraising for Young Beninese Women – Letter from our CEO

Our CEO and Founder wrote a letter to you to raise funds for Miss Leadership, female leaders of Benin.

We Asked – How does your work environment help you in achieving your goals?

We Asked is a series where we interview our stakeholders on their experience with theSPACE ngo. This first edition we asked some of our incubated entities to describe benefits of theSPACE environment.

Testimonies about Mentoring and Coaching Program of theSPACE

What our CEOs say about our services.

Mobile Library brings books to under-resourced youth

When books come to under-served communities, children’ lives can be turned around.

Success Story – Miss Leadership

Read the Magazine reports of INOV Agence and the newsletter of Miss Leadership to discover more about their impact in female leadership and local communities in Benin Republic.