Please read below about our impact below, and click for more reports.

Our Impact

we mainly contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 8, decent work and economic growth and SDG 4 quality education:

  • addressing SDG target 8.1.1, we have generated total of ~40 million CFA income within 10 entities and theSPACE between 2019 Aug -2021 Aug
  • addressing SDG 8.3.1, we have created about ~50 paid job opportunities within our structure and the 10 incubated entities between 2019 Aug -2021 Aug
  • addressing SDG 4.4, we have delivered over ~500 hours of educational trainings, 1on1 sessions or other events only within theSPACE structure between 2019 Aug -2021 Aug


  • Total of 21 incubated entities 
  • 100+ of our volunteers or other collaborators of theSPACE.
  • 1500+ participants of theSPACE organised capacity building and networking events.

Financial Reports

We aim to be fully transparent as an ngo. All year financial documents will be uploaded soon in 2022 April.