Expert Alumni FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know joining theSPACE as Expert Alumni

1. What is expected from someone joining theSPACE AIESEC Alumni Expert program?

When you apply, you will be added to a pool of alumni who are interested to volunteer with us and a matchmaker will try to assign you to some of the 4 knowledge transfer activities as the need arises and as per your preferences provided. What is expected differs; some roles only expect you to be active once a year, some a few times a month, or even weekly. It is totally up to you, though. 

The most important thing we expect is to be flexible, open, and communicate with us.

2. How much time commitment does it require?

Again, totally your choice. In the registration link, we ask for your preferences and availability. Based on that, you will be contacted as the need arises from our entities. 

  • As a business coach or personal mentor, you are expected to be available for 1 hour a month minimum. Still, it also depends on the need of the AIESECpreneur you are matched with. It will be the 2 of you who make up the rules, so just make sure the minimum is delivered.
  • As a Consultant or Trainer, that varies greatly, but a few hours a year minimum will work.
  • As a volunteer within theSPACE operation, it is about 1-4 hours a week would be optimal.

Beyond these (optional) is to join our monthly Global Experts Forum, where we gather all AIESEC alumni experts to share expertise and learnings.

3. How long does the program last?

Personal Mentor and Business Coaches are reviewed every six months and asked if they are happy to continue. The other roles are project-based and based on agreement and your personal preference. 

theSPACE incubation program for AIESECpreneurs is for a maximum of 3 years, but that is not an expected commitment from AIESEC alumni to follow through one entity.

4. What are the benefits of joining as a volunteer AIESEC Alumni Expert?

We asked our currently activated experts, and they all mentioned in some form the “sense of giving back to the AIESEC alumni community” as a critical advantage.

Also, a benefit to meet new people and new cultures through the AIESECpreneurs. You will also gain a better understanding of how the emerging market works, what the challenges are.

5. How will I make a difference in the world as theSPACE Expert?

You will create a significant social impact during our programs by assisting our AIESECpreneurs, creating well-needed jobs in the region. (often for fellow AIESECers) Which is a massive drive for many of us to do this. Overseeing the journey and growth of young AIESEC alumni becoming a successful and sustainable business owner… Priceless.

6. I have not been activated yet; what is happening?

Depending on what you provided as your preference in the registration form, we will activate you. In the meantime, we send out a monthly newsletter on the registered email. Also, please follow us on all social media and join us when we have any community meetings coming up. 

If you want to get straight to work, we are always looking for volunteers within theSPACE operation. Read more here: Just drop us a mail.

7. I did not receive the monthly newsletters from theSPACE; what to do?

Newsletters are usually sent on the last day of each month, but you must have received an automatic welcome email from us (through mail chimp) within 1-3 days from when you subscribed to our program. If it has not come yet since you applied, please check spam. You can also add email to your contacts to avoid emails from us going to junk. If none of it helped, please send us a message in the email above.

8. Is there any financial benefit to joining theSPACE as AIESEC Alumni?

We are planning to roll out an investment program (in 2022) to benefit both AIESEC Alumni and our incubated entities. It will offer you investment opportunities in African startups, new ideas which have the potential for return on investment for you. Beyond that, you will always be invited to pitch days, have access to information and the community to learn about angel & VC investing, which can be turned into financial benefits as well if you get the hang of it/master it.