INOV Agence

INOV AGENCE is an event organizer company started in 2015. The company has it’s a signature project, the popular annual event called Miss Leadership.
The contestants are activated around social issues besides the received training on Female Leadership.
This is not a regular beauty contest, which is by the way the most popular event across this country, but it is also a promotion of the right values. The female leadership is a must to be developed and attention can be drawn towards it by these sorts of “modified” beauty contests. Miss Leadership has no swimwear show but instead a business wear edition with which it is aiming to fight against the traditional roles of women in society.

Kevin Bah Monde - CEO INOV Agence

Kevin Bah Monde is the CEO of INOV Agence event organizer.

Kevin Bah Mondé


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Main Area(s) of collaboration with theSPACE and AIESEC Alumni:

  • Office space, Office supplies and other equipment
  • Business Coaching/ Advising
  • Training on Marketing, Project Management and Event organizing for the intern team
  • Donation of a website space and support in developing it
  • Building the capacity for operation (invest in local HR)


Events & Trainings

Date published

January 1, 2020