2Morrow Trip

2Morrow Trip is a tourism startup with the objective to promote local tourism towards Beninese and Internationals.  Natural beauty, rich cultural traditions, interesting voodoo habits, savory food and wonderful clothing and hairstyles makes Benin unique in the region. And it has a simple e-visa process for all visitors. Unique Selling Point: sustainable tourism trips which is not yet offered in the country nor the region for the wider public.
Bernis Doussoh CEO of 2Morrow Trip

Bernis Doussoh CEO of 2Morrow Trip

Bernis Doussoh
CEO 2Morrow Trip More Info: Bit.ly/2MorrowTripChannel www.facebook.com/2Morrowtrip AIESEC: LCP 16/17 and MCVP 18/19     Main Area(s) of collaboration with theSPACE and AIESEC Alumni:
  • Office space, Office supplies and other equipment
  • Website hosting and creation
  • Digital content creation
  • Intense Business Coaching
  • Training on Tourism and Sustainable Tourism


Tourism & Hospitality

Date published

June 11, 2016