We offer various gifts to those DONORS who wish to contribute in any of the following 3 ways to our operations. Depending on you keeping anonymity, and the received donation size, we would like to thank you for your generous support by:

  • Sharing your name in a thank you card on our website and social media and listing you or the donor company as partner.
  • Sending you a free Goodie Package from Benin (shipping fee not included and available items varies according to regulations in your location): a picture of us with the donation (item we paid from it), one theSPACE t-shirt, hand made shirt/skirt from a Beninese textile, some local snacks, hand crafted decoration items.
  • On site visit at our location with a dinner (we do not pay the costs of transportation/accommodation/visa/vaccinations nor other feeding costs beside that dinner)


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Be our Regular virtual coach: SIGN UP here if you have monthly 1 hours to advice us.

  • Web/App development Business Consultants
  • EVENT ORGANISER Business Consultants
  • VIDEOGRAPHER/ Influencer Coach
  • TOURISM Industry and Sustainable Tourism Background Advisor
  • NGO (SDG 3 – sexual health and reproductive health care) – FRENCH SPEAKING only
  • Business INCUBATOR Coach

Be our trainer: hold one online training/seminar or at location (we do not pay for your trip):


  • UXUI training (FRENCH ONLY)
  • Video Editing/Shooting skill building
  • Photoshop/Designing skill building
  • Inbound marketing 1on1
  • CEO time management practices and keeping balance
  • BIG DATA – how to handle BIG data and enhance growth
  • Business Administration – how to organise small and middle business administration effectively in the 21st Century

We are open to training suggestions… PLEASE VISIT theENTERPRISES page to learn more about incubated businesses to have a better idea on what we could need.


INVEST into the INCUBATED businesses or theSPACE.

PLEASE VISIT theENTERPRISES page to learn more about them.

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